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Your own business telephone number

Business calls are critical to the success of your organisation. Pocket Dial can help make your businesses look more professional with dedicated business telephone numbers and ensure you avoid missed calls and opportunities by supporting the management of your company’s telecoms.

What is Pocket Dial?

Look professional and create distance from your personal line for business, with a Dial Divert business landline number.

We offer business telephone numbers* that you can use as your own to publish on your website, social media or literature. This will allow you to look more professional and frees you from publicising your personal number for receiving business calls.

If you already have an established business number, we may be able to adopt this into our system so you can take advantage of the Pocket Dial benefits.**

The services we offer range from as simple as diverting the business line we provide to your personal number so you can answer the calls (see Dial Divert), or can be as comprehensive as a multi-user, cloud based and app driven business telephone system with rich features, that you can control (see Dial Direct).

About Dial Divert

Choose our Divert package and you’ll get a business telephone number, which your calls will be routed through so they arrive at the personal number of your choice. You’ll be able to publish the Pocket Dial number as your own business line and answer the calls wherever you are.

If you need us to answer the calls – no problem! We can either set the system up so we take the calls if you are busy, or after a specified time, or you can divert all calls to us and we will answer them professionally in your company name – easy! But you will also need to bolt on one of our Pocket P.A. packages in order for us to step in and assist! More details on Pocket P.A. can be found here.

It’s important to note that you can only receive calls to your business number on a Dial Divert plan. If you want to make outgoing calls via your business number you will need to explore one of our Dial Direct service plans.

NB: No cost to divert landline or mobile numbers to the destination telephone however, charges may apply for diverting to premium or international numbers. Subject to a fair usage policy for all calls diverted.

About Dial Direct

OK great – you have a Pocket Dial number for your business – but what happens when you want to do more than just receive calls? Choose a Dial Direct package!

With Dial Direct you unlock access to a smartphone app where not only can you receive your business calls, but you can also make outgoing calls and present your business number to the recipient.

No need for a landline or elaborate fixed phone systems – harness the power of Pocket Dial from your very own smart phone.

Our packages are designed to fit around the needs of all business sizes:

  • Starter 1 user
  • Advanced 3 users
  • Premium 5 users – with the option to add extra users on*

You can take advantage of the kind of benefits you might expect from traditional phone system, such as call queuing/routing, auto-attendant (press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts etc) but with none of the overheads or worries over maintenance and line rental.

You can have multiple users operating on the same platform, taking and making calls easily and with options for incoming calls to ring in sequence or simultaneously. Users can seamlessly transfer calls between each other and if anyone is in an important meeting or out of office, it’s possible to set the app to do not disturb, go to voicemail or you can even direct the calls to Pocket P.A. so you don’t miss a thing.

The app and calls are live 24/7, 365 days of the year. But if you want to maintain a good work/life balance you can choose hours of operation on Dial Direct that suit your business and lifestyle. So, if your office hours are 8 till 5, the Dial Direct system can be configured so you can only receive calls within those chosen working hours. Outside of those times, calls can either go straight to voicemail, or be directed to another number if you really need them answering.

Voicemail comes as standard for every Dial Direct user and this can be accessed within the app, or can be setup to email you the voicemail message.

Reporting on inbound and outbound calls is possible, so if you need to analyse the volume of calls coming to your business, or monitor the productivity, or number of outgoing calls made by your colleagues. You are only a request away from receiving a report from the Pocket Office team.

We can become part of your team too. If you need us to help take calls, then we can integrate to your Pocket Dial Direct and act as an extension of your staff. Just bolt on one of our Pocket P.A. packages and if you are busy, or after a set number of rings, we will take the call for you professionally and in your company name – easy! If you are in an important meeting, or out of office you can completely divert all calls to us too. More details on Pocket P.A. can be found here.

There’s no infrastructure or lines needed for this service, just as long as you have a Wi-Fi or data connection on your smartphone – you are connected to Pocket Dial Direct!

Pocket Dial Direct aims to offer clear and straightforward pricing and calls made and received via Dial Direct will not incur any extra charges**, so no need to worry about time spend on calls or being charged for minutes outside of allowances. We do have fair usage monitoring in place and will always raise any concerns over usage with you.


* additional costs apply
** no charge for uk landline and mobile numbers in or out of the system, but international or premium rate calls may be subject to a fee.

* local, national, or non-geographical numbers are available, charges may apply for certain numbers not already in our ranges.
** There may be a fee to port your existing business number into our system, for further info please see our Terms and Conditions.
In T’S and C’s: When your Pocket Office™ service concludes we will relinquish your number to another provider without any complication, but may suspend inbound and outbound calls during the port period.

Service Levels

Take full control of your business calls by selecting one of the innovative Pocket Dial Direct cloud phone system packages.

Dial Divert - Basic

    • Business Phone Number to promote as your company line
    • Inbound calls diverted to a personal number of your choice


    • No line rental fees
    • Regional and national number choices, OR, transfer your existing number in (additional fees may apply)
    • Saves you using your mobile or personal number for business purposes.
    • Option to bolt on Pocket P.A.™ services
    • Flexible month-by-month terms
    • Option to upgrade as your business grows
    Dial Direct - Starter
    • App based Business Phone System for 1 user
    • Business Phone Number to promote as your company line


    Dial Direct – Starter gives you the same features as our Dial Divert – Basic package, plus…

    • Receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls from your Business Phone number, directly in the smartphone app
    • Outbound number presentation
    • Voicemail to app and email
    Dial Direct - Advanced
    • App based Business Phone System for up to 3 users
    • Business Phone Number to promote as your company line


    Dial Direct – Advanced gives you the same features as our Dial Direct – Starter package, plus…

    • Transfer calls between your team
    • Inbound Call queuing and routing
    • Auto attendant (press 1 for…. press 2 for…)
    Dial Direct - Premium
    • App based Business Phone System for 5 users
    • Business Phone Number to promote as your company line


    Dial Direct  – Premium gives you the full benefit of all the features of our Dial Direct service, plus…

    • Option to add more users on a per user basis

    Sign up to Dial Direct and put the power of cloud telephony behind your business!


    Our Cloud Platform Provider - 3CX

    Our telephony is based on the 3CX platform, an industry leading, robust solution that provides cloud hosted PBX technology to some of the biggest organisations in the world.

    Pocket Office didn’t need to re-invent the phone system wheel, so we are transparent with the fact that we utilise 3CX – when you take a Pocket Dial package your welcome email will be from 3CX and you will be instructed to download the 3CX smartphone app.
    Pocket Office staff and our IT team are on hand at every step to ensure a seamless sign up process and to provide support at any time while you’re with Pocket Office.

    With our transparent plans there are no extra costs for call minutes, call diversions or call routing, so although we have a fair usage policy, you shouldn’t need to worry about the length or number of calls you make or receive.

    We can also step in and answer those important calls for you via our Pocket P.A. solution please follow the link for further information.

    If any nuisance call or cold callers calls do get through you can always report them to us and we can add these to our black list so you won’t be bothered again!


    + VAT


    + VAT


    + VAT

    “The Phone Mast Company have used the services of Pocket Office™ for over a year now and have not had a single problem to date. The business runs very smoothly and Jess makes the overlap between our staff and Pocket Office™ seamless. Our letters are sent promptly, our cheques are paid in very quickly. Any incoming post is scanned to us, and the relevant employee copied in. We are very happy and hope to continue using them for the foreseeable future.”

    Gemma Wright - The Phone Mast Company

    “If you are looking to start your business either online or office based, I can not recommend Pocket Office™ enough, the location here in Oswestry is perfectly located with very easy access to road links either Shrewsbury direction or Chester. I opted for the telephone service which for myself is spot on just what the doctor ordered, the person on the telephone is always polite & friendly so I would recommend this service. The offices are clean & well maintained as are all the surrounding grounds, as we all know first impressions are important & they have it spot on.”

    Mark Smart - The Fuel Cap Company

    “I’m currently using The Pocket Office™ mail plan virtual office service which has been amazing for my business. It allows me to keep my home address separate from my business which is great for any documentation. In addition to this, I’m able to direct all of my post to their reception which means I never have to worry about staying in for a parcel or letter. I highly recommend using Pocket Office™ plans to further grow your business!”

    Kevin Redfern

    Get in touch with us to discuss your needs!