5 reasons why outsourcing virtual office services is a good idea

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In the current financial climate, keeping overheads to a manageable level has become important for small businesses. For many pandemic start-up’s, it’s proving difficult to move to the next level and relocate from the home office to a business premises or office.


But what if there was a way you could keep those overheads low, but still develop the business?  That’s where outsourcing virtual office services can help, because it takes the pressure off the day to day running of a business to free up time for more productive tasks.  



Here are the main reasons business owners come to us for business admin solutions, and how our services support them…



  1. Reclaim the kitchen table.

We’re all looking to improve the work/life balance, but for a business based at home, this can become a challenge at times. Piles of paperwork & lots of distractions can really reduce your productivity! Take control of your home & your day by outsourcing Pocket Post to handle your business mail & get your calls diverted with Pocket Dial.


  1. Don’t be seen as the smallest fish in the pond.

A common concern of home-based business owners is whether their clients will consider their business a substantial one. Using our well-established business address for your correspondence can give you a professional image & additional credibility in your business sector.


  1. Cover your private parts

Some people may not mind, but the majority would rather keep their home address private. Do you want to put your own address onto your google business profile for the world to see? If clients want to come and meet with you, would you really want them to come to your home?   The suite of virtual office services from Pocket Office can mitigate the need to use your home address, even if you’re not ready to work from an office just yet.


  1. Avoid the constant firefighting.

Some days the phone won’t stop ringing, which is great, but also can mean you spend all day on the phone and not progressing client work. If you find this a regular frustration, then a virtual PA can help pick up the slack & handle those calls while you get productivity up! Our professional call handling team can answer calls, take messages, book appointments while sending out invoices and stuffing envelopes for direct mailings if you need them too; just saying…


  1. Grow the incoming… not the outgoing.

Small businesses are already meeting tough competition in today’s economy. Keeping costs down is becoming a huge part in being able to succeed and grow. Therefore, to reduce the expense of business, without losing the appearance of professionalism, it’s worth considering some competitively priced virtual office services.  With Pocket Office monthly packages starting at £15, it’s safe to say we are not the gas bill!